Third Party Reviews

Man JoJo | March 31, 2018 |

"Very nice people"

Allen L. | October 08, 2014 |

"I got a good haircut, and I'm very pleased. The price is a little high at 20+ but they have coupons for repeat visits."

Leon Fot | March 13, 2018 |

"This haircut experience has been awful every time I have come! I asked for a trim, and got more than that, and my brother had the same, and while he got a trim, his sideburns were completely different on one side than they were the other. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. While other sports clips may be different, this one is just awful."

Chris P. | June 23, 2013 |

"I hope it depends on who cuts your hair but mine did an awful job. When she decided the haircut was over, my sideburns were uneven and my bangs different lengths. I had to tell her how to finish the haircut. My hair had never looked this thin after a haircut. I then later fixed it when I came home. One of the worst haircuts I've had."

Kristin R. | August 31, 2015 |

"Not sure how to rate this place. The positive was that my son's barber did an excellent job on his hair and she was very knowledgable, professional, and friendly. They had the little league World Series on which my son absolutely loved watching. The place was clean and there was literally no wait at all. His cut was $15 which isn't super cheap but isn't super high either. The only annoying thing was that when we first arrived the manager was trying to get my son's name and my phone number and my address or something odd. Now we don't live on this side of town. We're not planning on stopping back by in the future. We just needed a simple cut. After several questions I explained that we didn't live near that area or any Sports Clips location and whether it was necessary to record personal information or we could just get a cut. We were running a little short on time and I just wanted to get the cut done. The manager was a bit frustrated and told me it was for his safety. Now it seems to me I brought my child there for a trim, not for safe keeping. That is my job. I understand them recording the details of the cut if you are going to be a regular customer but they need to relax a little on worrying about all that if I choose to opt out. I'll keep the kid safe. Thanks though!"

Christopher S. | March 05, 2016 |

"Always a wonderful experience. I recommend seeing Kaitlyn. She's been cutting my hair for two years now and there is no one else I trust. She gives a thorough consultation and makes sure you're satisfied with every aspect of the haircut. She is amazing!!! Keep her as long as you can."

Tina Marie S. | June 28, 2017 |

"They cut my sons hair completely off!!! I dropped my 23 year old off to get a simple trim. He just needed his hair cut an inch and his beard trimmed and cleaned up. When I picked him up 30 minutes later he was so bummed .... the lady had shaved his head!!! How did this happen??? He said she asked him If he wanted a "1 All Over"? He had no clue what she was talking about but figured she meant a 1 inch trim ... he said okay. It was not a 1 INCH ... it was a 1 MM. I asked her what was she thinking??? She said we just did what he had last time?? Last time?? There has been no last time. This was his first visit to the place! He has no hair... none. Then she dared to ask me to pay for it. Really? NO! I talked to the manager and she said we did not have to pay. The WORST PART .. the hairdresser did not even seem sorry. No apology. No remorse. No empathy. Nothing. Instead she was self righteous, defending herself all with no compassion. Meanwhile my son who had great hair was bald. I am appalled!"

Tony C. | July 10, 2017 |

"I really wrestled with writing such a negative review for something trivial as a bad haircut, but a month later and I'm still feeling the blowback from a stylists absolute lack of knowledge and customer service finds me here. I've been to numerous Sports Clips across the country, and while none are the cat's pajamas of salons, they usually can succeed at doing a simple trim on my hair. Had the same style basically for 20 years now. Let's be real, every stylist at a Sports Clips should be able to do a fade with a trim on top. Nope. I believe her name was Claudia at this location, but not 100% sure. She refused to listen to what I wanted before she began and my instinct said to just wait for a different stylist to become available, but I thought we came to an agreement. I wanted a low fade starting with a 0 guard and a slight trim on top. Right off the bat, took the 0 all the way up the back of my head. It felt malicious. She claimed she didn't understand what I wanted when it was already too late. I told her just to fix it and trim the top evenly. She chopped way more off the back than the front as well. I was very specific to NOT use trimming shears, yet she brought those out too. I eventually told her to stop and got up from the chair. When I went to pay, yes still pay, she yelled "Well if you don't like the haircut, you don't have to pay god **** it!" So I didn't. First haircut in my life I haven't at least tipped my stylist. And now, a month later, my new stylist at a different salon can only even it out as I wait for everything to grow back to my style. So it'll be 2 months of my life wearing a cap. Thanks."

Frankie H. | September 09, 2017 |

"The staff is very nice here and the service is prompt. Linh and Kim are great stylists. The place is clean and so is the bathroom. They have this new system where clients can check themselves in which is very efficient and helps you get a haircut faster with the first available person. I get my haircut here and so do my three sons. We have never been unhappy. No need to hesitate. Take the family."

Ken M. | December 22, 2017 |

"I have to say I truly enjoyed getting my haircut here but unfortunately because they open at 10 AM I cannot give them more than two stores. I'm not sure what world the owner of this particular sports clips lives in but most men go to work at 10 AM so we have to take our lunch break or we have to come after work when there's 9000 people waiting in line. Until they start opening on guys time I cannot give them any more stars"